Zintuigen | Senses
Charles Spence
maandag 11 februari 2019

The pleasure we experience in tasting a certain food is the result of the five senses. In other words, the goodness of a food depends not only on taste but also on sound, color, shape, smell, weight and our mood. It is the total, multisensory experience that counts. So if the perception of food occurs in the mind and not just in the mouth this has big consequences for restaurants, the food industry and enjoying our own meals and diners.

Research Meets Poetry
Presentatie door Sofia Manouki en Rachel Raetzer
vrijdag 1 februari 2019

Tien promovendi presenteren hun passie voor wetenschap tijdens een poetry slam. Samen met een jonge dichter schrijven ze een gedicht dat is geïnspireerd op hun onderzoek.

Van rap tot sonnet, in het Nederlands of het Engels. Het publiek jureert en het winnende koppel krijgt eeuwige roem.

Fingerpicking gitarist en stadsmuzikant Joost Dijkema zorgt voor muziek.

Science Slam 2018

Genetic interventions in our daily lives
Jeantine Lunshof and Jan Kok
donderdag 24 januari 2019

What if we could eliminate malaria by ‘rewriting’ the DNA of mosquitos? Or design a super tasty banana that is immune to viruses, or even better; delete hereditary diseases in humans by simply cutting out the responsible genes? New techniques that can make adjustments in the blueprint of life, DNA, are rapidly evolving. Genome editing is widely researched to enhance crops, to prevent epidemics, but also to design.

Jeff Goodell
dinsdag 15 januari 2019

The Water Will Come is the definitive account of the coming water, why and how this will happen, and what it will mean. As he travels across twelve countries and reports from the front lines, acclaimed journalist Jeff Goodell employs fact, science, and first-person, on-the-ground journalism to show vivid scenes from what already is becoming a water world.

Suzanne Oosterwijk
maandag 3 december 2018

Mensen kiezen er vaak bewust voor om zichzelf bloot te stellen aan nare beelden of gruwelijke verhalen. Waarom zijn mensen toch zo nieuwsgierig naar het leed van anderen? Sociaal psycholoog Suzanne Oosterwijk (UvA) onderzoekt of de aantrekkingskracht van het leed van anderen – de morbide nieuwsgierigheid - mogelijk een functie heeft.

education mindwise
Mindwise Debate
dinsdag 27 november 2018

Standardization on what students should know and be able to do on completing their education supports a level of equity, but it restraints personalized goals, paths, and pace. Can diversity and standardization co-exist in education?
This debate will bring together two teams composed of RUG staff members and students on the statement: Increasing standardization in our education system undermines diversity.

Mindwise Debate | 27 November 2018

Impact of Inequality
Dimitris Ballas, Danny Dorling, Kate Pickett, Richard Wilkinson
woensdag 14 november 2018

Inequality is a key political issue of our time. This event provides an overview of the increasingly compelling evidence of the impact of income and wealth inequality upon human well-being. It brings together world leading researchers in economic and social geography, social epidemiology and social justice.

Speakers and themes of the evening are:

The Impact of Inequality | Wednesday 14 November