Mission to Mars

Hibernation and Space Travel

Rob Henning
dinsdag 12 april 2016

Is human hibernation the key to getting to Mars? Unraveling the mysteries of hibernation and how animals are able to slow down their system in extreme cold without suffering any damage might be vital for human space travel.

Hendrik de Waard lecture

Finding Moonshine

A Mathematician's Journey through Symmetry
Marcus du Sautoy
maandag 21 maart 2016

Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy reveals how symmetry is a fundamental concept both in the arts and the sciences: from the walls of the Alhambra to the Higgs boson, from the music of Bach to deadly viruses. Based on his book Finding Moonshine he will tell the story of how mathematicians have produced a language to be able to explore, tame and classify this slippery concept.