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English programme

Our programme for autumn 2022 is still in the works, but we can already give something away about our upcoming English programme... Where does the tradition of Halloween come from? What is it about nowadays? And why do some have the irresistible urge to be spooked or shocked? Is being 'woke' for the left? Is my generation (unjustly) better off than yours? What is the origin of our solar system? This and more coming soon...

Tuesday 13 September, 8 pm
Let’s Ask | Abortion Rights: Who Decides? (webinar)
Let's ask... Lucía Berro Pizzarossa
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Tuesday 18 October, 8 pm
Is My Generation Better Off Than Yours?

Axel Gosseries and Lisa Herzog

Thursday 27 October, time tba
Kenniscafé | Trick or Treat?

Halloween edition about our fascination for horror and scary things

Friday 4 November, 4.30 pm
Van der Leeuw Lecture | Susan Neiman

Philosopher and writer Susan Neiman on why 'woke' is not left

Tuesday 15 November, 8 pm
Blaauw Lecture | Making Life from Stardust

Paola Caselli


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