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Watchlist | Summer School II

Discover new places from home

This year travelling the world is not easy due to Covid-19, but no need to be sad: you can also discover new places from your own couch. For everyone who stays at home this Summer, we selected lectures from our archive for our Summer School watchlist. From flight shaming to the art of modern pilgrimage, from reviewing the boundaries of Europe to mapping human thought all over the world: let the summer begin!

#1 Flygskam: To Fly or not to Fly?
Can we reduce or even stop flying to save the environment? What are the alternatives? Environmental psychologist Ellen van der Werff, ethicist Nick Nieuwenhuijsen and spatial scientist Arie Stoffelen discuss their perspectives on flying. (7 October 2019). Watch recording

#2 The Art of Modern Pilgrimage
Mecca, Santiago de Compostella, Jeruzalem, Père-Lachaise, Graceland... The phenomenon of pilgrimage, in all shapes and sizes, is becoming more popular all around the world, but why? Marjo Buitelaar, Kholoud Al-Ajarma, Suzanne van der Beek and Peter Jan Margry talk about the motives of ‘modern pilgrims’. (24 September 2019). Watch recording

#3 Before They Pass Away - Jimmy Nelson
Photographer Jimmy Nelson went on a journey to create an ambitious aesthetic photographic document of the last indigenous people in the world, before they pass away. (11 March 2014). Watch recording

#4 How the World Thinks - Julian Baggini
All cultures are different, and have different ways of thinking. Popular philosopher Julian Baggini travelled the globe to provide a hugely wide-ranging map of human thought. Why is the West more individualistic than the East? What makes secularism a less powerful force in the Islamic world than in Europe? And how has China resisted pressures for greater political freedom? (19 September 2019). Watch recording

#5 Journey Through History of Evolution - Redmond O’Hanlon
As adventurer, writer of travel books, scientist and Darwin specialist, Redmond O’Hanlon won the hearts of a broad audience. He has become known for his journeys into some of the most remote jungles of the world, in Borneo, the Amazon basin and Congo. (18 September 2012). Watch recording

#6 A Country Called Europe?
We often think of European countries as discrete entities—their own languages, cultures, food, and economies squarely contained within their national boundaries. But in fact Europe is at once a unified place and a sophisticatedly fragmented one. Dimitris Ballas, together with his fellow European geographers Danny Dorlingand Benjamin Hennig created The Human Atlas of Europe, the first atlas to map Europe according to these realities, from the perspective of human geography rather than simply a political one (20 February 2018). Watch recording


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