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Documentary and interview
20:30 – 22:00

Munnekeholm 10

Free admission with ticket

Little Angels

Marco Niemeijer

In the daily life of 68 year-old Tascha in New York, her deceased mother Enny is still conspicuously present. The death of Enny's first two daughters, 70 years earlier at Auschwitz, seems to make a painful and unbreakable link between Enny and Tascha. Dutch filmmaker Marco Niemeijer (1970) portrays the complex relationships within his New York based step-family, Shortly before she passes away at age of 98, Enny surprises him with pre-war footage of her first daughters Glenda and Myrna.
In telling the intimate, hart breaking story of the disrupted and suffocating relationship between a mother and daughter, Little Angels deals with the shadow cast by a trauma of war, dominating the next generation and after.

Marco Niemeijer studied fine arts and film at the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam. He combines scriptwriting, directing, photography and editing. His first feature Little Angels (2015) was rewarded the Prix Europa (best European television documentary of 2015) and nominated for a Gouden Kalf (2016, best feature documentary, best feature editing). His second feature Garden of Life (2017) was selected for the IDFA competition. Apart from developing his own creative projects, Marco has been making short documentaries in commission since 2012.

This program is organized in collaboration with Vrijheidscolleges, UCG Atelier and Usva Talks.

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