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Désirée Goubert, Nico van Yperen, Aurora Signorazzi, Edwin van Bloois and others

It’s time for a Pint of Science! The international festival that takes the researchers into pubs is coming to Groningen.

Lucy Avraamidou, Maarten Derksen, Rebeka Béres and others
On the relationship between experts and the public

There is increasing tension in the public sphere about the role of experts in the social system.

European Election Debate
Watch our live stream!

Can't make it to the debate? Watch our live stream (start: 8 pm)! 

Herman Tjeenk Willink
Groter denken, kleiner doen

Het gaat goed met Nederland. De economie groeit, de werkloosheid daalt, de financiën lijken op orde. Gaat het dus ook goed met onze democratische rechtsorde?

Joshua Goldstein
How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change

As climate change nears potentially disastrous tipping points, how can the world rapidly decarbonize the economy across the board, and what role could scalable, cheap, carbon-fr

Documentary and aftertalk
Sandra Becker and Jelle Wiering

NB: This event will be in English.