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#2 Brexit, Did it Happen?

Laurence Gormley

Ask a Scientist
Do you ever feel like that recurring ‘thing’ in the news is really important, but you’re not quite sure why that is? Do you feel like you saw the headlines, but didn’t read the full article? Well, the UG is coming to the rescue! Groningen’s finest researchers are here to share their knowledge to provide context to debatable claims, fake news and ongoing conflicts in the world. In Ask a Scientist experts search for straight answers to your most pressing questions at the cutting edge of knowledge.

#2 Brexit, Did it Happen?

'I'd rather be dead in a ditch than agree Brexit extension', British Prime Minister Boris Jonhson stated roughly a month ago during a speech in West Yorkshire.

At this point, the Brexit-referendum is more than three years behind us. Recently Johnson reached an agreement with Brussels on a new Brexit deal, but he still struggles to win support at home. The EU now has agreed to extend the deadline to 31 January 2020.

Who can predict if Brexit will happen, and if so, when it will happen? Can you still comprehend the situation? We think it is time to recapitulate and ask ourselves what it is all about. We ask Professor Laurence Gormley of the Faculty of Law to guide us through this maze of questions. Can you recall why the Brits want to leave the EU? And what do they expect of life outside the EU?

Why hasn't Brexit happened yet, what was the main stumbling block? Is Johnson (seemingly) doing a better job than Theresa May, and why? Why is Brussels now willing to alter the ‘backstop’? What happens if the British Parliament rejects the Bill implementing the deal? And if it’s all over by November 7, what does this mean for the future relationship between the EU and the UK?

This programme is in collaboration with Usva.

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