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Behind the music of the mind

Mick Grierson

Researcher have developed technology to translate thoughts into musical notes. Now,  artists and musicians can use brain signals creatively.
Musicians may soon be able to play instruments using just the power of the mind. As is demonstrated in the recent album ‘Music of the Mind’ of jazz musician Finn Peters
Researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London have developed technology to translate thoughts into musical notes. Recent developments in the field of low-cost consumer Brain-Computer Interfaces have made it easier for artists and musicians to use brain signals creatively. Artists are starting to use brain information to create artworks that respond to certain types of brain activity, such as how relaxed they feel, or how much they are concentrating. More advanced techniques of consumer Brain-Computer interfaces provide greater control, allowing untrained users to select an element from a range of choices, such as a note from a musical scale, or a musical sound from a list. Soon this technology will be available to the general public, making it possible for you to consciously or unconsciously choose music from your library based on your brain activity. This technology could also create a world of opportunities for people with restricted mobility.

Dr. Mick Grierson is an experimental artist and a researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London. He specialises in applied real-time audiovisual interaction and cognition research. He is currently principle investigator on a industry fellowship developing a range of cognitive/interactive audiovisual software for platforms including iPhone, iPad and Playstation 3.

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