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In front of Restaurant Zondag
Kruissingel 1, Noorderplantsoen

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City Safari Groningen (EN)

Evolution in the urban jungle
Christophe Brochard

In the wake of the world's most successful animal species, humans, many animals and plants have expanded their habitat to the city. Birds, insects and plants adapt to city life and this way evolution unfolds under the noses of city dwellers. The special conditions in the city attract many plants and animals. They see the benefit of the heat, the large food supply, the favorable location climate and the relative safety. In the run-up to Menno Schilthuizen's lecture (October 18) on urban ecology, we will look for nature and its evolution in our own city, Groningen. Our guide is ecologist Christophe Brochard.

NB: We’re going for a walk so make sure you wear suitable shoes. And bring your binocular (if you have one)!

Liever in het Nederlands? Van 15.30 tot 17.00 uur is deze Stadssafari in het Nederlands. Meer informatie & tickets

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