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film: Catch me if you can

Introduction by Claire Ashton-James

USA/Canada, 2002, 141 min, directed by Steven Spielberg
True story about Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, conned millions of dollars’ worth of checks passing himself off as a Pan Am pilot, doctor and legal prosecutor. ?
One day at school, Frank Jr. attempts to pass himself off as a substitute teacher, and easily pulls it off. His small-scale success gives Frank some ideas, and he soon discovers bigger and more profitable ways of deceiving others, passing himself off as an airline pilot, a doctor, and an attorney. Along the way, Frank learns how to become a master forger, and uses his talent and charm to pass over 2.5 million dollars in phony checks. Catch Me If You Can was based on the autobiography of the real Frank W. Abagnale Jr., who has a cameo in the film and today works on the side of the law as a top consultant on preventing forgery and designing secure checking systems. 

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How can we detect liars? Lie detection tests such as the polygraph and verbal content analysis are often applied, but are often invalid. How can a lie be revealed?  

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