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Grand Theatre
Grote Markt 35

€ 15,- / € 10,- SGG-card and students


Talkshow, dansvoorstelling en concert in één
OFFprojects / Amos Ben-Tal & Spinvis

Howl is a talkshow, dance performance and concert in one event. A collaboration of choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and musician and poet Spinvis. A combination of dance, interviews, special guests, music en poetry. The performance is about our search for our own identity and created reality. How does your cultural background determines who you are? How does the relationship with our parents influences our identity? What makes us different than others? In an conversation with the audience, Amos Ben-Tal, Tom Postmes, Lotte Dunselman and special guest Miriam Lommen we try to answer these and more questions.

OFFprojects is a group of dancers who perform the work of Amos Ben-Tal. Together they create multidisciplinary performances, events and installations.
This event is Dutch and English spoken.

In collaboration with Usva we organize a free dance workshop at Usva for people who visit Howl the same day from 1 pm to 2.30 pm. Do you want to join? Send an e-mail to zwaantje.wieling@rug.nl (don't forget to attach a copy of your ticket).



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