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Oh My Trump

What to expect by 2021
Bart van Ark, Steven Brakman and Doeko Bosscher

Three days before Donald Trump takes office as the president of the United States, Groningen experts will debate what his inauguration means for the world.
Will the world be totally different in 2021? What will be the effect on international economics, trade and politics? What to expect of Trumps foreign policy? During his campaign, Trump railed against free trade agreements, and suggested his support for NATO might be conditional. Are commentators right to declare the end of the ‘American century’? Could the tide have turned on globalization? Are Trump’s promises to cut taxes and spend on infrastructure nevertheless good news for global growth, as the OECD has forecast?

Joining the debate to address what to expect in the next four years will be Bart van Ark, chief economist of the the New York-based The Conference Board and professor at the University of Groningen, Steven Brakman, professor of international economics and an expert on globalisation and Doeko Bosscher, professor of contemporary history and a keen observer of US politics. The debate will be moderated by journalist Naomi O’Leary.

This debate is organized by the Faculteit of Economics and Business of the Groningen University, the Economics and Business Student Faculty Association EBF and Studium Generale Groningen.

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