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The Pursuit of Purpose

Conviction in an Uncertain World
John Lennox, interviewed by Hans Harbers

‘What is the purpose of life?’ is one of the big questions in the history of humankind. Christian apologetic John Lennox, who is also a Professor of Mathematics, will be discussing our pursuit of purpose with philosopher Hans Harbers.

‘What is the purpose of life?’ is one of the big questions in the history of humankind and definitely there is no way to conclude this question within one evening. But, worldwide there are religions claiming to know ‘how to live the good life’ based on the absolute truths which they assume. One of them is Christianity, with its large influence on human thought during the preceding ages in Western Europe. The worldwide known Christian apologetic John Lennox, who is also a Professor of Mathematics, will address the topic of purpose and underlying questions on religious truths, the distinction between science and religion, and his argument to attach to his Christian faith. During the forum, Lennox is questioned critically by philosopher Hans Harbers. Harbers drags Lennox’s statements into the melting pot of the uncertain world after an era of modernism, and criticizes their feasibility in everyday life. This forum will not take the usual path of criticizing and defending a Christian opinion within science, or end up in an argument on evolutionism. It will question Lennox’ faith and his certain believe in a Christian truth. Could we be sure of living a meaningful life? Can there be a pursuit of purpose, and what does it consist of?

John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science. He is a prominent thinker on the interface between science, philosophy and religion and defended the Christian faith in debates with Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitches and Lawrence Krauss. John Lennox wrote several books, titled ‘God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?’, ‘Christianity: Opium or Truth?’, and ‘Gunning for God: A Critique of the New Atheism’.

Hans Harbers is Associate Professor in Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society at the University of Groningen, and freelance moderator.

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