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20:00 – 21:30

Rabo Studio, Forum Groningen
Nieuwe Markt 1

free (with ticket)



How should you act when someone crosses your personal boundaries? In an ideal world, we would ask each other for help, taboos would be negotiable and we would hold each other accountable for abuses. The interactive theatre performance SAFE SPACE addresses this problem and facilitates the conversation. What exactly is social safety? Where are your own boundaries and how do you make sure you don't cross someone else's boundaries? And how do you discuss this with each other?

On the basis of scenes taken from student life, we enter into an honest and informal conversation with students and teachers, but also with actors and audiences.

7.30pm-8pm | Doors open
8pm-9.30pm | Theatre performance SAFE SPACE at Rabozaal
9.30pm-10pm | After-drinks at Newsroom 

Stichting Time Out aims to promote self-management, self-respect and self-reliance of young people (between the ages of 18 and 35) and mutual dialogue about the (mental) well-being of young people by supporting and initiating interactive concepts and projects.

This performance will be in English and is a collaboration between the taskforce Diversity & Inclusion (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) and the program team Social Safety (University of Groningen).

Photo: Wieger Voskens.

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