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Split: A divided America

Documentary and discussion with director Kelly Nyks

Dutch politics is all about consensus--which is one reason Dutch people find American politics so bizarre.

The shooting in Arizona of representative Gabrielle Giffords in January this year--in which 6 people were murdered--brought new attention to the crisis underlying American politics. In ‘Split: A Divided America’, filmmaker Kelly Nyks travels the U.S., asking ordinary people and political leaders the same series of questions about the country and its values... and gets very different answers. Balancing candid discussions with citizens coast to coast and commentary from some of the sharpest minds analyzing government and society today, it’s a cross country investigation of democracy in America.

Kelly Nyks, writer and independent director of short and feature length films, initiated the coast to coast investigation. Split: A Divided America is his first documentary. It won several awards at film festivals. He is also a successful actor and has appeared in numerous feature films including Waiting in Beijing, Drowning and Legally Blonde.

Watch the trailer: www.splitdoc.com

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