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Michael Ignatieff

Consolation is the process by which we face disappointment, despair and loss and manage to find the hope and meaning we need in order to go on.

Anna Gimbrère, Ben Feringa, Cisca Wijmenga, Maaike Borst e.a.

Wat hebben bananen en komkommers gemeen? Waarom stinkt zweet soms wel en soms niet? Waarom zijn sommige mensen kleurenblind? En hoe is de Martinitoren gebouwd?

Let's Ask... Alette Smeulers

The horrible images of the mass destruction and seemingly senseless and random killings in the ongoing war in Ukraine make us wonder why people commit such horrendous crimes.

Frans de Waal
What Apes Can Teach Us About Gender

Is gender a human social construct or are there also learned gender roles in great apes?