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20:30 – 22:30

Vera Zienema
Oosterstraat 44

€6,- / €5,- for students and with SG-card

Documentary: The Origami Code

Everything that develops and changes in nature is folded: mountains, blossoms, the brain… Researchers in robotics, medicine, biology, nanotechnologies, are embracing the “origami philosophy” of nature.

They are looking at how materials and molecules wrinkle, drape, flex and crease, refining origami techniques, and trying better to understand and duplicate nature’s universal folding principles. The documentary The Origami Code explores how the ancient art of folding paper has entered the cutting-edge domains of research and now could lead the way to the ultimate stage in bionics.

Ajay Kottapali will give a short talk after the documentary. His research focus is on nature-inspired micro/nano technologies. On a specific project he is developing origami paper folding technique inspired energy harvesting devices. He is inspired by biological sensors present in various animals in nature to develop artificial nano sensors. He is an Assistant Professor at Department of Advanced Production Engineering, Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen (ENTEG), University of Groningen, and Research Affiliate at MIT, USA.

This event is organized by Studium Generale Groningen in collaboration with VERA Zienema

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