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Israel: Critical Voices from within

Ronnie Barkan and Lior Vol

Two Israeli activists give an in-depth look into the situation on the ground in Israel and Palestine and discuss the general Israeli policies towards occupation and the campaigns aimed at the international community to change their support for Israel. Are there alternative solutions to this conflict? 
Ronnie Barkan is an Israeli dissident, human rights activist, conscientious objector and co-founder of Boycott from Within, a group of Israeli citizens that supports the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). He promotes a rights based discourse with the aim of bringing down the Israeli system of apartheid. Rather than a misleading use of ‘co-existence’, he uses the term ‘co-resistance’ - the privileged and the underprivileged resisting together. Only when we manage to bring down the inherently supremacist system of oppression, we can have a basis for equality. Only then, after the downfall of apartheid, we can build something together on that basis and work on real co-existence.
Lior Vol is an Israeli activist for justice in Israel/Palestine, a conscientious objector and a Phd candidate for Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam. He takes part in many campaigns aimed at exerting pressure on the Israeli government. Also, in his opinion, the focus should be on the international (or European) support for the Israeli policies, and the campaigns aimed to change this same support.

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