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Richard Sennet

In the World of New Capitalism
Richard Sennet. Discussants: Evelien Tonkens & Peter-Paul Verbeek

Lolle Nauta Forum 2009
Global capitalism is in collapse, and nearly every government has a plan to restore it. In his lecture Richard Sennett will step back from the daily news about crisis and restoration and take another track to analyse the situation, i.e. by considering the phenomenon of resilience – not as a return to the past, a restoration, but as a change to a new future, a reconstruction. Elaborating on ideas in his latest book, The Craftsman, Sennett locates the possibilities of resilience on the level of labour conditions, rather than on financial institutions and regulations.

Prof.dr. Richard Sennett is professor of sociology at the London School of Economics and the New York University. His research and publications within sociology and philosophy of culture cover as diverse topics as capitalism and labor relations, cities and public life, respect and craftsmenship. His most recent books include The Craftsman (Yale UP 2008), The Culture of New Capitalism (Yale UP 2005), and Respect, In an Age of Inequality (Penguin 2002).

Prof.dr. Evelien Tonkens, Endowed Chair Active Citizenship at the University of Amster-dam, formerly Member of Dutch Parliament for Green Left, and columnist for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. Author of several publications on citizenship and welfare policy; a.o. De beste de baas? (AUP 2008 – with Tsjalling Swierstra), and Mondige burgers. Getemde professionals (Van Gennep 2008).

Prof.dr.ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek is professor of philosophy of technology at the University of Twente. His research and publications focus on  the ethical and antropological aspects of human-technology relations, as in his What Things Do (Penn.State UP 2005).

The Lolle Nauta Forum is initiated by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen, in cooperation with Studium Generale and De Volkskrant in order to stimulate the public debate, and named after Lolle Nauta, himself a public intellectual and Professor of social philosophy and philosophy of science at the University of Groningen (1971-1994).


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