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South Park

And the American Experience
Brian Dunphy

How has this hit television show been able to be taken seriously?

For 15 seasons the hit television show South Park has entertained audiences with their own brand of irreverent and subversive commentary. Dismissed in the beginning as nothing more than toilet humor of the lowest common denominator over the past few years, the show has received Emmy and Peabody awards for not only its unique storytelling but also for its incredibly intelligent social commentary. But what is really behind the show? How has the show remained so popular? How has South Park managed to remain fresh, topical and relevant in an ever increasingly changing media world? How has South Park been able to add its voice to the most important, polarizing and controversial debates occurring in America today and be taken seriously? South Park catalogues the American Experience through life lessons and a philosophy of its own in an attempt to bridge the gap between left and right in America.

Brian Dunphy is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the University of Amsterdam, and The New School for Social Research. A native New Yorker who has been lecturing in the City University of New York system for over 8 years and at Brooklyn College (CUNY) for over 5 years as a lecturer in the Department of Television and Radio. Over the past few years, Brian has developed a reputation for pushing the academic envelope with classes revolving around Satire & Mass Media and Politics & Mass Media. He also created, and taught, the controversial and incredibly popular course, “South Park and Political Correctness,” which splashed onto the headlines of the NY Post and was featured on CBS and NPR.  At the moment, Brian is developing a book that will combine media theory and history where he will explore “Controversial Media Moments” in American History.

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