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Survival Guide to the Dutch

Colleen Geske

What makes the Dutch unlike any other people in the world? What unusual behaviour is typically Dutch? And what do foreigners really think of the Netherlands and its peculiar inhabitants?

Discovering a new country and a new people is exhilarating, frustrating and inspiring all at once. In this humorous presentation, Colleen Geske, the founder of Stuff Dutch People Like, will give you an insider's look at how to "survive" in the Netherlands, and what the Dutch are really like! Blunt, provocative and wickedly funny, she will take a satirical look at Dutch culture as seen through the eyes of an outsider. From Appelmoes to Zwarte Piet and everything in between, Colleen Geske will either have you brimming with national pride, or cringing in embarrassment.

Colleen Geske is the blogger and bestselling author behind the brand Stuff Dutch People Like. Described as ‘blunt, provacative and wickedly funny’, her blog and books offer a satirical look at Dutch culture as seen through the eyes of an outsider. The Stuff Dutch People Like social community now numbers over 500,000 followers. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Geske has called Amsterdam home since 2004. When not writing, she is a communications and social media consultant.

This event is organized within in the context of the Week of the International Student.

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